Economic Sustainability

A key aspect of AllSpire is to build a sustainable enterprise that positions each member system to thrive in a chronically dynamic environment and continuously enhance the quality, efficiency and scope of care we deliver.

Strategic / Operational Priorities:


The object of this activity is to ensure the greatest value in terms of highest quality at the lowest cost.

In October of 2016 AllSpire launched its own group purchasing organization, AllSpire Health GPO, LLC (AH GPO). The goal of the AH GPO is to constantly drive toward minimized waste and hyper-efficient supply chain with price discounting and rebate driven cost savings. AH GPO provides a central structure and support team to assist each member’s supply chain leadership in contracting with vendors. The support team includes Collaborative Coordinators in various product and service categories that interface with Value Analysis Teams of the same category across each of the member health systems.

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Operating Efficiency

A key value of AllSpire members is efficiency, with the goal of eliminating waste at every opportunity while searching for synergy everywhere. A collaborative clinical initiative was undertaken to enhance the efficiency of flow of patients entering the Emergency Department and progressing through observation status and/or admission. Every AllSpire Health Partner health system participated in designing and implementing the ED Throughput initiative, and all have realized gains across the triple aim in quality, cost savings and patient experience. The resulting processes and protocols have been memorialized in written guidelines that ensure enduring benefits.


AllSpire Health Partners selected Epic as a common electronic health platform with each health system establishing an independent instance. This investment represents the single largest joint capital commitment by the AllSpire Health Partners.

In addition to its core value as a comprehensive clinical documentation tool, the variation reduction and data integration potential across systems provides a vital platform to conduct clinical excellence initiatives and measure outcomes in a common format.